Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What a morning :)

What a morning!!! I was sitting in my kitchen preparing for the day ahead when I heard a strange noise (a bit like a tennis ball hitting my kitchen window). I knew that there are no kids around playing tennis at 7am so it must have been a bird. I looked outside and there it was...a totally terrified thrush laying on its back. I took my garden gloves and picked it up. It didn't look too bad but it was very scared and didn't move very much. I've put it on the pavement but I was scared that a cat will see that poor little fellow as a perfect breakfast opportunity. I've made a quick call to RSPCA (here is their 24h phone line if you ever see an animal in danger 0300 1234 999). Their advice was to put a box over it for a few hours so it has time to calm down and it did. After 2h I've lifted a lid and it flew away. I was so happy :) They are such a lovely birds. Good luck little friend and be careful with those tricky windows around!!!!

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