Wednesday, 26 March 2014

American dream = American pancakes

I love American pancakes. Especially for breakfast. I try not to indulge with too much whipped cream and chocolate chips and try to stay focused on the classic combination of crisp bacon, strawberries and lots of maple syrup -  you just can't go wrong with that :)
So here is how I make them. You will get around 12 pancakes out of the mixture.
200g Flour
50g Sugar
5g Salt
10g Baking Powder
2 Large Eggs
200ml Full fat milk
30g Melted butter
Mix all of the dry ingredients and in a separate bowl beat the eggs and add milk and butter to it. Mix wet with dry ingredients until you get a smooth batter. I try to fry it will no fat on Teflon pan on a medium heat. You can garnish your pancakes with what ever you feel like. As said I love it with strawberries, bacon and maple syrup, but whipped cream, yoghurt, bananas, berries of all sorts (they can be also added to the batter before frying)'s the best breakfast ever. :)

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